Textile Glossary

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Nanotechnology"research and technology development at the atomic, molecular or macromolecular levels (in the 1-100 nanometer range) aimed at creating and using materials which have novel properties and functions."
Nainsook"A lightweight plain weave cotton fabric, usually finished to create a luster and a soft hand. Common end-uses are infants' wear, blouses, and lingerie."
Nap"A fuzzy, fur-like feel created when fiber ends extend from the basic fabric structure to the fabric surface. The fabric can be napped on either one or both sides."
Needlebondingsee needlepunching.
NeedlefeltingThe extent to which a geotextile is able to withstand or resist the penetration of an object without perforation.
Needlepunching"a process for making a nonwoven textile in which a continuous mat of randomly laid fibres or filaments is entangled with barbed needles. This causes matting and the production of a ""felt"" textile."
Needlingsee needlepunching.
Net"An open fabric, which is created by connecting the intersections in a woven, knitted, or crocheted construction to form a mesh-like appearance that won't ravel. End-uses include veils, curtains, and fish nets."
Nepa small knot of entangled fibres commonly regarded as a fault but sometimes introduced as an effect.
Nipa line or area of contact or proximity between two contiguous surfaces which move so as to compress and/or control the velocity of textile material passed between them.
Ninon"A lightweight, plain weave, made of silk or manufactured fibers, with an open mesh-like appearance. Since the fabric is made with high twist filament yarns, it has a crisp hand. End uses include eveningwear and curtains."
NoilShorter fibres separated from longer fibres in combing.
Nonwoven fiber"(Fabrics made directly from individual fibers that are matted together by forming an interlocking web of fibers either mechanically (tangling together) or chemically (gluing, bonding, or melting together)."
Nonwoven geotextile"a geotextile in the form of a manufactured sheet, web or batt of directionally or randomly orientated fibres, filaments or other elements, mechanically and/or thermally and/or chemically bonded."
Novelty Yarn"A yarn that is intentionally produced to have a special or unique effect. These effects can be produced by twisting together uneven single yarns, by using yarns that contain irregularities, or by twisting yarns that contain a color variance. A slubbed ya
NylonAnother word for polyamide.
Nytril"A manufactured fiber, most often used in sweaters or pile fabrics, where little or no pressing is recommended, as the fiber has a low softening or melting point. However, it has also been successfully used in blends with wool for the purpose of minimizin