Textile Glossary

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End(in weaving) an individual warp yarn.
End and end"Fabrics having alternating warp yarns, usually one in a colour and one in white."
End-and-end"Fabrics having alternating warp yarns, usually one in a colour and one in white."
EnthalpyThe amount of energy in joules required to heat 1 gram of fabric from a temperature of 20°C to its melting point.
Entrepôt"A trading centre or port at a geographically convenient location where goods are imported and re-exported without directly entering the local economy. According to the strict definition, oods are imported into and re-exported from an entrepôt without inc
Epidermal barrierA barrier of the outer layer of skin.
Epithelial tissueA newly formed tissue.
EtamineA fine wool crêpe.
Exhaust treatmentA batchwise treatment in which a substance (such as a finish) is selectively adsorbed by a textile material immersed in the treatment liquor.
Exhaustionsee exhaust treatment.
Eyelet"A type of fabric which contains patterned cut-outs, around which stitching or embroidery may be applied in order to prevent the fabric from raveling."
ElastaneA man-made fibre containing at least 85% polyurethane which is capable of high stretch followed by rapid and substantial recovery to its unstretched length. (See also elastomer; elastomeric yarn.)
Elasticity"The ability of a fiber or fabric to return to its original length, shape, or size immediately after the removal of stress."
Elastane elastomeric"A fibre, often made of polyurethane, possessing inherent stretch properties (also known as spandex, especially in the USA)."
ElastomerA polymer which has high extensibility together with rapid and substantially complete elastic recovery. (See also elastane; elastomeric yarn.
Elastomeric yarnA yarn formed from an elastomer.
Electret"A non-conductive polymeric material which can maintain a long-lived electrostatic charge. Polypropylene electret filtration fabrics conveniently combine the mechanical removal of particles with an electrostatic field, which materially increases the filtr
ElitéA brand name used by Nylstar for its PBT (polybutylterephthalate) fibre.
Elongation"the increase in length of a specimen during a tensile test, expressed in units of length."
EmbossingA process in which a pattern is formed in relief by passing fabric through a calender in which a heated metal bowl engraved with a pattern is compressed against a soft bowl.
EmbroideryA decorative pattern superimposed on an existing fabric by machine stitching or hand needlework.
EmerisedA fabric which has been passed over a series of emery-covered rollers to produce a suede-like finish.