Textile Glossary

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KaftanAn oriental garment consisting of a long under-tunic tied at the waist by a girdle.
Kapok"A short, lightweight, cotton-like, vegetable fiber found in the seed pods of the Bombocaceae tree. Because of its brittle quality, it is generally not spun. However, its buoyancy and moisture resistance makes it ideal for use in cushions, mattresses, and
KelimTurkish carpets with stylised geometric patterns.
Kemp"Coarse, white, dead animal-hair mixed with animal fibre which shows up in a finished yarn or fabric as a lighter colour."
Knit-deknit"A texturing process in which yarns are knitted on a single-end circular knitting machine, the knitted tubular yarns set in steam, and the knitted yarns subsequently unravelled by ""deknitting"" and winding on a winding machine."
Knit fabrics"Fabrics made from only one set of yarns, all running in the same direction. Some knits have their yarns running along the length of the fabric, while others have their yarns running across the width of the fabric. Knit fabrics are held together by loopin
Knitted geotextile"A geotextile produced by intermeshing loops from one or more yarns, fibres, filaments or other elements."
Knop"A ""bunch"" of fibres appearing along the length of a yarn, giving a spot effect."
KPa (kiloPascal)"The pressure produced by a force of 1,000 Newtons applied, uniformly distributed, over an area of 1 m2. (Used in textile testing as a measure of bursting pressure; 1 kPa = 6.89 lbf/inch2.)"
KsiKilopounds per square inch (a unit of stress).