Textile Glossary

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Jacob's fleeceThe natural brown shade of the Jacob's sheep.
Jacob's fleeceThe natural brown shade of the Jacob's sheep.
Jacquard"A description of techniques used for knitting and weaving to obtain large-scale and/or figured designs (named after the inventor, Joseph Marie Jacquard, 1752-1834)."
Jacquard Knit"A weft double knit fabric in which a Jacquard type of mechanism is used. This device individually controls needles or small groups of needles, and allows very complex and highly patterned knits to be created."
JaspéA fabric characterised by a subtle striped effect.
Javanese"A viscose cloth with a spun weft and filament warp, characterised by a dull sheen."
Jersey fabricA generic name applied to weft knitted fabric.
Jersey stitch"A basic stitch used in weft knitting, in which each loop formed in the knit is identical. The jersey stitch is also called the plain, felt, or stockinet stitch."
Joint venture"A joint undertaking of a new, usually risky business in, for example, a developing country or in Eastern Europe."
JudoA structured cloth constructed in varieties of piqué weave and usually made in cotton.
JuteA fibre obtained from the bast layer of the plants Corchorus capsularis and Corchorus olitorius.