Textile Glossary

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Gaberdine"A firmly woven, warp-faced twill cloth."
Garnett machine"A type of carding machine, equipped with rollers and cylinders covered with metallic teeth, which is used to open up hard and soft waste textile products with a view to recycling them."
GarnettingA technique for opening up hard and soft waste textile products with a view to recycling them (see also garnett machine).
Gatt"General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, a multinational trade organisation established in 1947 and based in Geneva, Switzerland. Gatt was superseded by the World Trade Organisation (WTO) in 1995."
Gauge"The number of needles per unit length (usually 1 inch) along a needle bed or needle bar or flat knitting machine. For circular knitting machines, the unit length is the circumference of the needle cylinder."
GauzeA lightweight open texture fabric produced in a plain weave or a simple leno weave.
Gel blocking"A phenomenon that occurs when the swelling of a superabsorbent polymer blocks the passage of fluid into the centre of a fabric, thereby reducing the absorption capacity."
Generalised System of Preferences (GSP)"A system of tariff preferences operated by developed countries. The EU's scheme, introduced in 1971, was designed to foster the development of developing countries by granting them easier access to the EU market. Beneficiary countries granted GSP treatme
Geogrid"Its a form of geotextile which is a relatively stiff, mat-like material with open spaces in a rib structure."
Geomembrane"An impermeable sheet of polymer, used in contact with soil or rock as part of a civil engineering operation. Geomembranes are used for such applications as lining reservoirs and waste dumps."
GeorgetteA fine lightweight open fabric woven in crÍpe yarns.
GeotextileA permeable textile cloth used in contact with soil or rock as part of a civil engineering operation.
Gilet"A waist- or hip-length garment, usually sleeveless, fastening up the front; sometimes made from a quilted fabric, and designed to be worn over a blouse or shirt."
Gingham"A plain-weave lightweight fabric, usually made of cotton, with small checks."
GMT"Glass mat thermoplastic, a thermoplastic prepreg, offering better mechanical properties than injection-moulded reinforced thermoplastics, thanks to the higher residual length of the glass strands. GMT is widely used in automotive applications such as und
Glass Fiber"An inorganic fiber which is very strong, but has poor flexibility and poor abrasion resistance. Glass will not burn and will not conduct electricity. It is impervious to insects, mildew, and sunlight. Today, the primary use of glass fiber is in such indu
GodetA driven roller on a textile machine around which a yarn is passed in order to regulate its speed during the extrusion and further processing of certain man-made fibres. The roller may be heated in order to heat the yarn which passes around it.
Gpd (gm/denier)"A unit of force divided by the weight per unit length of a fibre, yarn or rope."
Grab tensile strengthThe strength at a specific width of fabric together with the additional strength contributed by adjacent areas.
GrandrelleA two-ply yarn composed of single yarns of different colours or contrasting lustre.
GranulationThe process of forming new tissues.
Greige"A term used to describe textile products prior to bleaching, dying or finishing. Some greige textiles may, however, contain dyed or finished yarns."
Grosgrain"A plain-weave fabric with a rib in the weft direction, the rib being more pronounced than in a taffeta."
GRPGlass reinforced plastics.
GSPSee Generalised System of Preferences.
Guipure"A lace construction produced by embroidering a thread pattern onto a fabric, the fabric being subsequently removed by chemical or other means to leave an open work lace."
Gunny Bag"A term of Sanskrit origin (Goni = sack) applied mainly to sacks and sacking made from jute but now used to describe other small bags made from other fibres, notably polypropylene."